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MOMENTUM: How to Get Out of Your Rut and Into Action

Whenever you start working on your goals, you’re filled with interest and anticipation.

You begin to ask yourself how things are going to progress. You wonder how hard you’ll work on it. Then one day, that goal isn’t as important as your originally thought. When this happens, your goal begins to lose it’s glow and suddenly you have new things that have appeared that you need to work on. Day by day, the goals you were so excited about get put on the back burner and before you know it months have gone by but you never seem to have the time or energy to get back in the saddle and finish it.

What goals did YOU make on January 1st?

Are there some goals still lingering?

Would you like to change this recurring sequence of events?

Imagine your feelings of pride and accomplishment as you begin to finish your projects + meet your goals – one after the other.

Your new problem is how can you turn things around to where you can consistently eat healthy foods, go for daily walks, hang out with your friends, and spend time meditating or whatever helps you feel good in your body AND try to attain those goals.

What I know is that shifts happen when you put attention toward + make room for your goals. It’s time to do that, and I can help. This playbook is designed to help you assess (not judge!) your life right now, select one area of focus + redesign a goal.

What’s inside…

:: 4 easy tips to keep in mind when determining your goals

:: a simple exercise to help you figure out exactly what’s truly important to you at this time

:: 5 clear strategies to help you take action with your goals

:: create a goal-oriented action plan

:: identify the areas of your life that feel “off”

:: 14-page guide and work book

:: 7 guided activities for clarity, reflection and forward movement

BONUS #1 :: a painless exercise to re-ignite passion through self reflection. This quick exercise and 3 questions is something everyone can incorporate into their daily routine.

BONUS #2 :: an audio guide + written transcript on positive self-talk + affirmations

This action guide, reflection + audio guide is yours.

Are you ready to dig yourself out of that rut?

Grab your copy of the MOMENTUM Guide today!

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