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Get Clean: How to Safely + Effectively Detox Your Body

The Get Clean Guide is a self-paced cleanse experience that will provide you support to restore, and then maintain, a state of optimal health and vitality. In the Get Clean Guide you will learn and discover detox through and around such insightful topics like:

.: Detox Basics + Fundamentals: Facts Unearthed + Described
.: Detox Demystified: From the Inside Out, Not Just the Outside In
.: Detox Method + Practice: When, Why & How To’s
.: Detox Bonuses + Extras: Insights, Checklists, Short-lists, Action-plans
.: Useful Detox Resources for Your Use, Convenience, + Reference

The Get Clean Guide includes a 70-page guide, 2 supportive audio recordings (Detox & Cleansing 101 & Benefits of Cleansing), a selection of easy to make recipes, a menu planner and resources to help you on your journey.

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